Young Living Essential Oils

Powerful, natural solutions for wellness and chemical-free living. Finally, stay vibrant year-round with a kitchen pharmacy of essential oils, plant-based blends and other personal care products.

Why Young Living?

Young Living’s unsurpassed quality and purity delivers outstanding products that are safe and effective. With Young Living’s specially-crafted bundles, you’ll have a toolbox of natural products on hand to quickly and confidently take care of personal and family needs.

Young Living Essential Oils

If your family struggles with…

Young Living Essential Oils help with…

Behavioral problems

Calming tantrums

Tummy aches

Easing stomach upset

Weakened immunity

Nervous tension

Brain drain

Improved focus

Sore throat & colds

Sore throat relief

Healthy breathing

Sinus and lung support

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How to Get Started with Young Living

The process is simple, but I’ll walk you through how to get started and how to make the most out of Young Living.

Marie Ruggles MS RD CN CDE

Hi, I’m Marie.

As a clinical nutritionist with over 40 years in wellness research, I explore practical solutions to prevent illness and manage everyday discomforts.

Time after time, Young Living essential oils deliver significant, consistent results. I recommend these safe solutions to my own family and friends!

1 – Explore Your Wellness Bundles

Young Living has exceptional products, and I can help you create the perfect bundles for everyday concerns that you and your family face. Explore the specialty bundles below. 

Not sure which products are best for you? Text me at 516-578-3374 I’ll help you craft a bundle of powerful, natural solutions just for you.

Soothing Aches & Joints

A selection of essential oils to soothe discomfort in tendons, ligaments and joints while calming inflammation. Support the body’s natural repair process and rekindle your love of movement!

A carefully crafted combination of products to prepare your family to stay well, even during the winter when health challenges are rampant.

A rejuvenating mixture of essential oils to restore lasting energy and vitality. Perfect for an energetic lifestyle to resist the exhaustion of aging.  

A soothing selection of the most calming compounds available. Take a deep breath – restful sleep for your household is just around the corner!

A revitalizing combination of powerful essential oils dedicated solely to creating smooth, glowing skin. Feel refreshed after decades of stress. 

A perfect bundle for your little bundle of joy! This combination starts your little one off right and makes caring for them a little bit easier.

A bundle of essential oils to minimize chemical exposure in your everyday life. Prioritize pure, but potent products to keep your family healthy.

Create Your Own

A chance to design the perfect bundle to tackle your unique wellness challenges. Your family is one of a kind, so why not create a bundle with everything you need (and nothing you don’t)?

Not sure what you need? Text me at 516-578-3372 for free recommendations.

2 – Unlock Your Discount

You have 3 ways to buy Young Living products, and each comes with its own set of special perks, bonuses and freebies.

Good Option

Perfect if you want to try out products or if you’re looking for just a few items. Plus, free shipping!

  1. Make a one-time purchase.
  2. Earn free shipping over 100PV*! 

Sweeten the deal!

Join my private Facebook group to socialize and get answers from a clinical nutritionist, registered nurse and certified aromatherapist. 

  • Free text tips to solve common everyday wellness challenges

Better Option

Perfect if you love discounts and the luxury of subscriptions. It’s easy to get 24% off right now!

  1. Make a purchase of 100PV OR put any 1 item on “subscribe and save.”
  2. Earn free shipping on 100PV.
  3. Get 24% off!

Sweeten the deal!

Join my private Facebook group to socialize and get answers from a clinical nutritionist, registered nurse and certified aromatherapist. 

  • 1 free 15-min phone call: Ask questions, and make the most out of your purchase!
  • Free text tips to solve common everyday wellness challenges

Best Option

Perfect if you need a well-stocked kitchen pharmacy and love freebies and discounts on items you already buy! 

  1. Spend 50PV each month on “subscribe and save” items.
  2. Get freebies at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.
  3. Save up to 24% every month!
  4. Build up loyalty rewards: 25% back in free shopping points!

Sweeten the deal!

This is definitely the best option because you get all the Young Living perks and exclusive benefits when you join my team, such as: 

  • 3 free 15-min phone calls: Ask questions, and make the most out of your purchase!
  • Free Welcome Package
  • Free Whole Foods Diet guide
  • Exclusive groups
  • Personalized support

*100PV typically equates to a $100 purchase.

Discounts and perks will be added as you go!

Not sure what you need? Text me at 516-578-3372 for free recommendations.

3 – Join My Team for Bonus Perks

If you want to get even more out of Young Living, join my team for exclusive benefits. There are many Young Living teams, but none can offer a comparable experience. 

My team is built on decades of research, clinical expertise, and personalized natural solutions that will make you feel safe and confident about your purchase. 

Get personal mentoring to ensure every product you buy serves a valuable purpose for you and your family.

Let’s see if we’re a good fit. Text me at 516-578-3374 to get started!

Free Stuff

  • FREE Essential Oils Guide
  • FREE Thieves cleaner concentrate[1]
  • FREE Whole Foods Quick Start Guide + Tracker†

Personal Guidance

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Tailored product combinations
  • Support from myself 
  • Support from other team leaders


  • Natural options for any wellness challenge
  • Essential oil cheat sheets 
  • Inventory for everyday discomforts
  • Education on natural therapeutics


  • Online support from like-minded members 
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Registered Nurse
  • Certified Aromatherapist

[1] Included when you choose the Best Option.

A Wise Choice for Wellness

The Premier Standards that Set Young Living Apart

Not sure what you need? Text me at 516-578-3372 for free recommendations.

"I’m a busy mom of 5. Marie helped me develop a home inventory of immediate solutions for bumps, scrapes, tummy aches, head tension, nervous energy, boosting energy, calming tantrums, homework focus and better grades. Life changing!"
Bethel, CT
"My energy was so low after years of health struggles. Marie showed me how to use these products as energy boosters for working out. My strength has increased, and I look so much more fit."
New York, NY
"My knees and back have not felt this good in 10 years! Marie gave me the secret sauce for what to use for lasting relief."
Elbert, CO
"I was not a believer, to say the least. That is, until I experienced nipping my frequent colds in the bud! Now I’m touting the benefits to others!"
Floral Park, NY

Interested in earning income from home while helping others?  Text me to see if you are a good fit:  516-578-3374

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation here or text me at 516-578-3374

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Important Safety Notes:

All recommendations are only for use with Young Living’s essential oils. Patch-test prior to using an essential oil for the first time. Apply 1 drop of the oil to the inner arm and check for any signs of irritation in 24 hours. All recommendations are for non-pregnant, non-breast-feeding adults. Consult age-appropriate references for infants and children. This information is for educational purposes only.  It should not be used in any way as a substitute for medical counseling with a health care professional. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. Consult your primary care provider prior to use. Keep all essential oils out of reach of children.

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