Whole Foods Quick Start Guide & Tracker

Would you like to have a nutritionist right in your kitchen giving you daily meal planning tips?  Or how about the next best thing………….

a very friendly guide that drills the information down into easy-to-use action steps. 


This 9-page printable PDF is just like having your own nutrition mentor at the kitchen table.

It outlines themost important steps you can start taking today to create  very healthy meals and snacks.  Along the way you can monitor your progress with my simple tracker.

After 40 years of guiding people thru this process, I have created this home guide to provide the most important scientifically proven steps for following the whole foods lifestyle.  The tracker allows you to choose what step you want to work on and to move along at your own pace.  Along the way you will discover little known pearls of nutrition wisdom plus tips for being successful at every meal and snack.

There’s no fad food trend here.  Just the facts all wrapped up into a user-friendly format with a tracker (working on, making progress, mastered), that you can print out and check off as you master each step.

I can’t physically be present in every kitchen, but I can give you my absolute best thru this guide which is what I personally use to nourish my own body.




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