Everything to Know About Nutrition in 9 Pages

Whole Foods Quick Start Guide & Tracker

“You’ll be a new person after 2 weeks of using this expert guide! It’s like having a personal nutritionist right in your kitchen. Plus, it’s totally adaptable to your lifestyle and food preferences.”

What to Eat to Look Great, Feel Better & Age Gracefully

Burned out by fad diets, logging apps and meal plans that are impossible to stick with? This is a zero-stress guide with simple, proven ways to adopt healthy habits that last.

Whole Foods Quick Start Guide

Loaded with easy-to-digest nutrition tips for your next meal. 

     It covers the top principles for lifelong vitality and disease prevention:

  • How to make healthy meals and snacks that are satisfying and delicious
  • How to flatten your gut while eating more food
  • Plant-based eating for an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Ways to feel full on less calories 
  • How to satisfy late-night cravings
  • Meal planning with anti-cancer, anti-arthritis and blood sugar benefits
  • How to legalize sweet treats in your diet
  • What to eat for better mood, energy and joint health

Bonus: Super Simple Progress Tracker

This guide goes 1 step further to get you closer to your goals every day! 

No tedious logging or overwhelming food restrictions. Just focus on your accomplishments as you balance healthy eating and enjoying your favorite indulgences. 

While you tackle just 1 thing at a time, use these tools to make it even easier:

  • How to build your plate for anti-inflammatory benefits
  • What to stock in your fridge for quick nourishment
  • Easy ways to calculate your water and protein needs
  • Little-known insider tips like savvy food storage

“This guide works because it has a truly clear format. The tracker makes it super simple to be successful.”