Marie Ruggles MS RD CN CDE

Marie Ruggles, RD, CN, CDE

Clinical Nutritionist | Certified Diabetes Educator | Essential Oil Safety Certified

I’ve dedicated my life to science-based nutrition and natural wellness. 

As a clinical nutritionist with over 40 years in wellness research, I explore practical solutions to prevent illness and manage everyday discomforts. 

My background is in nutrition and public health with a master’s degree from Columbia University. Because of this traditional training, I was skeptical of holistic wellness. 

But things changed during my personal struggle with chronic symptoms. My condition didn’t improve with standard clinical strategies.

I realized that not all answers lie within conventional medicine. I see now that I was given these health challenges to fulfill a higher purpose. 

After many false starts, I started thinking “out of the box.”

It motivated years of research to find safe, effective solutions.  

I discovered how to use whole foods, superfoods, targeted supplements and pure essential oils to help all sorts of physical and cognitive challenges like brain drain, poor memory, fatigue and nervous tension.

My expert tips, guidance and vetted products give you a complete inventory of practical, chemical-free approaches.

It’s such a blessing to help you age gracefully, take control of your health and be a confident healer in your home. Your success continuously inspires me to find even more natural wellness strategies to share.