Winter Wellness with Essential Oils​

Young Living Edition

“I was so skeptical of these oils. With Marie’s guidance, I was surprised to discover that this stuff really works!” – Julie M.

Take control of your everyday winter wellness challenges! Find quick relief right at home with an inventory of natural solutions.

Instantly shut down minor discomforts so you keep up with your busy schedule.

Start building your collection of therapeutic essential oils, oil-infused cough drops, creams, roll-ons and hand sanitizer as your first line of defense.

Always have safe wellness solutions on hand that you can use with confidence. This handy reference gives you convenient and effective ways to manage common winter challenges: 

  • Sinus & respiratory support
  • Sore throat relief
  • Soothing joints & muscles
  • Supporting more restful, deep sleep
  • Stomach upset solutions
  • Immune support
  • Energy enhancement
  • Restlessness & nervous tension management

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Winter Wellness with Essential Oils Young Living Edition by Marie Ruggles

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“I haven’t had healthy winters in years. After attending Marie’s Winter Wellness workshop 6 years ago I’m
in control of my health. This guide has the simple steps for staying healthy no matter what is going around.” – Sophia L.


“I have been a natural wellness mom for years but didn’t know about essential oils. Using this guide, I developed a home inventory of effective options for keeping my family healthy during the school year –
sniffles, tummy troubles, soothing sore throats, healthy sinuses, lungs, ears, joints, and overall immune protection and PREVENTION.” – Rose A.

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