Stop Sick Days in Their Tracks with a Nutrition Prescription

Marie’s presentations on optimizing immunity deliver evidence-based action steps simple enough to start at your next meal.

Marie Ruggles, RD, CN, CDE
Clinical Nutritionist
Certified Diabetes Educator
Essential Oil Safety Certified

Stop Sick Days in Their Tracks with a Nutrition Prescription

Marie’s presentations on optimizing immunity deliver evidence-based action steps simple enough to start at your next meal. Choose Presentation Topic. 

Marie Ruggles, RD, CN, CDE
Clinical Nutritionist
Certified Diabetes Educator
Essential Oil Safety Certified

Clinical Nutritionist Marie Ruggles MS, RD, CN, CDE, is a sought-after speaker for her presentations that provide listeners with food and nutrition tips not found elsewhere. 

She has a master’s degree in nutrition and public health from Columbia University, where she started her career in research.  Marie is very relatable, speaks in the voice of a caring friend.  Audiences will leave her talks with:

  • Clarity on what to eat based on cutting-edge research.
  • Very doable action steps to use at their next meal.
  • Many “Aha!” moments that energize attendees to create a healthy lifestyle.
  • A few good laughs.

Many of the presentations are based upon her book, Optimize Your Immune System:  Create Health and Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy, a #1 New Release in Medical Nutrition and Parenting Nutrition and winner of the 2021 President Book Awards, Florida Authors and Publishers Association.

Discounted bulk book purchases are available for organizations who wish to provide a copy to accompany the presentation. 

Marie Ruggles MS RD CN CDE

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Many people think it’s normal to get frequent viral infections – colds, the flu, and other respiratory conditions. And many of us are understandably concerned about the dreaded A, B, Cs of aging – arthritis, brain drain, and cancer?  

The good news is that we can make smart choices starting with our next meal to strengthen our immune systems….and improve every aspect of our health.

This is why everyone needs The Kitchen Pharmacist! 


Optimize Your Immune System:  Combat Viruses and Age Gracefully with a Nutrition Prescription

  • Proven strategy for derailing viral infections based on cutting-edge research.
  • Simplifies whole foods antiviral meal planning.
  • Exact steps to take when starting to come down with something.
  • Specific action plan for creating a kitchen pharmacy, antiaging meals and snacks.

Defensive Dining:  5 Nutrition Essentials for Preventive Health from the Kitchen Pharmacist

  • The most impactful daily habits for planning meals and snacks that deliver the essential nutrients for maximizing health and aging gracefully.

Staying Healthy on the Job with a Nutrition Prescription

  • Specific steps for employees to reduce the use of unnecessary “sick days” and create a healthier work force.

Lunch and Learn (series):  Same as above with more detailed content spread out over ten “lunch & learn” 20-minute segments.

  • Action steps for planning better meals and snacks, and healthy lifestyle habits.

Aging Gracefully:  Prevent Unnecessary Illness While Thriving Big Time After 50

  • Top 10 proven strategies for eating and lifestyle that improve energy, reduce aches, prevent brain drain and prevent most viral infections.  

Single presentation or as a series.

Optimize Your Immune System:  Combat Viruses with a Kitchen Pharmacy

  • Specific steps for optimizing immune function with food, targeted nutrients, and lifestyle.
  • Simple instructions for what to take during viral exposure or the start of a viral infection

Fighting Colds and Flu with Common Ingredients from the Kitchen

  • Immediate action steps to take for cold and flu prevention at home and on the job.

No Fuss Family Meal Planning

  • The seven strategies for getting stress-free healthy meals onto the family table.

Nutritional Immunity:  How to Apply and Teach the 3 Phases of Viral Prevention with a Nutrition Prescription

  • Evidence-based recommendations.
  • Strategies for personal application.
  • Tips or teaching Nutritional Immunity to coworkers and other clinic or community groups.

Keeping Congregations Strong and Healthy to empower workers in the vineyard.

Holy Health: Strengthen Immunity and Age Gracefully with The Kitchen Pharmacist

  • Nutrition prescription for strengthening immunity and resilience to viral infections.
  • Simple nutrition strategies to improve health and care for our bodies in the way God intended.
  • Budget-friendly action steps.

Diabetes Care:  Get Fit to Walk in Your Purpose with Better Blood Sugars

  • Better blood sugar control is easier than most people realize, and this presentation outlines the top 3 strategies to get better results.

A New Way to Pray:  Replacing Memorized Prayers with Real Talk

  • I was brought up in a church that taught memorized prayer.  Then I learned how God really wants to hear from us.  This revelation has revolutionized my conversations with God, and I love sharing the good news about speaking with our Father in heaven along with insights to inspire heart-felt prayer.

What sets my trainings apart?

  • Customization  

Your audience is unique.  Let’s chat about the audience’s concerns so we can offer the greatest value specific to their challenges.

  • Doable Action Steps

What are your group’s biggest headaches when it comes to implementing healthy living?  Whatever it is – time, energy, money, confusion – I’ve been there.  Let’s keep things simple so every person in the room can experience success right from the start.

  • Breadth of Experience

I have been inspiring others to take control of their health for over 30 years.  Nutrition can be so confusing but I drill down the research and share it in a way that makes attendees feel that they are at my kitchen table.

Get in touch to discuss your training needs. Contact me at 516-578-3374, email:  [email protected] or complete the form below. 

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