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So does this sound familiar?

Feel like you’ve been on a mystery mission to solve your health issues? You’ve spoken to the practitioners, received some basic advice, conflicting advice even, and now you’re left wondering what you can eat to take control of your health… You’re concerned about preventive health but it seems like you’re the only one who cares about how you will look and feel in 10 years. Your gut tells you there’s more you can do but you just can’t get a straight answer.

If you are someone who has found nutrition information to be confusing or hard to implement, look no further.

Do you have:

Let’s work together to manage these struggles in a way that addresses your unique needs. Personalized nutrition is an essential tool for looking and feeling better and it’s time for you to receive caring and attentive guidance.

Work with Marie 1:1

I aim to understand your challenges and provide simple-to-follow action steps to reach your goals. I like to work in baby steps – taking time to get to know you so I can deliver the best strategies that are customized to your personal preferences.

Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes

Joint Health Anti-Inflammatory Diet

SIBO – FODMAP Diet for gas, bloating

Bone Health/Osteoporosis

Prevention of Cognitive Decline

Non-Diet Approach

Gluten-Free Diet

Elevated Cholesterol and Triglycerides



Signature Program - New You Wellness Makeover

Herpes, Cold Sore Outbreak Reduction

I believe your diet should be designed around all the delicious, nourishing foods you can eat – not by what you shouldn’t eat!

Benefits of a Personalized Nutrition Strategy that
Gives You Confidence and Hope

Picture this:

Are you in? It’s time to invest in yourself. It would be my joy to show you the roadmap to the best version of you!

Doctors know they can trust their patients with me because of my evidence-based, personalized approach to care.

There is no comparison to the compassion and support Marie provided to transform my health. She gave me a positive spin on eating, and it has been life-changing.”

Emma C, 1:1 Telehealth Client

Work with Marie 1:1

All appointments conducted via Telehealth only​

Insurances Accepted

Insurance covered for diabetes under Medicare ( physician referral required)

Marie Ruggles MS RD CN CDE

Initial visit

Counselling starts with a 1-hour comprehensive evaluation of your health, food preferences, challenges, lifestyle, and goals to determine your most pressing concerns. I take a holistic look at health and wellness to truly understand the underlying problems. From this, I will develop a customized road map to help you manage your symptoms, build healthy habits, and fuel your body.

I’m with you every step of the way!

Follow-up Visits

During your follow-up visit, we will review your successes, troubleshoot any challenges, and discuss the next best steps for you to achieve your goals.

Self-Pay Clients

Self-pay clients are asked to text me (c) 516-578-3374 for appointment information.


“Working with Marie is the best decision I have made in my pursuit to tackle my health issues. She was very honest about what to expect and more than delivered.”

Anna M, 1:1 Telehealth Client

Additional Programs for Businesses & Organizations

Meeting workshop at a business conference room with a video connection

Nutrition Workshops and Webinars

Corporate Wellness & Group Presentations

Healthy employees use fewer sick days, are more productive, and show up for work healthy, focused, and energized.

These 1-hour virtual presentations are perfect for any adult group as a Lunch-N-Learn, stand-alone event, or wellness series.

1-Hour Virtual PowerPoint Presentations

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“It was amazing. I love the way Marie presents and explains everything” Milenia M.

“Great information! No one else has given me this hope.” Diana W.

“Very practical and useful information. Thank you, Marie, for introducing me to such helpful reading and products.” Veronica B.