Optimize Your Immune System

Create Health & Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy

“Holy grail guide to an easy and affordable path to a stronger immune system.”

Build a kitchen pharmacy of natural, whole food remedies against viral pathogens and chronic disease! 

Most people think it’s “normal” to get sick — even just 2-3 times per year. But, research shows we can derail a virus before it takes hold. 

Know exactly what to do to immediately stop seasonal cold, flu, fatigue and miserable sick symptoms. 

This roadmap revolutionizes how to rapidly reinforce your immune defense. It includes:

  • 6 critical nutrients to strengthen immune resilience
  • What to eat to reduce infection risk
  • “Natural antibiotic” foods
  • How to stop symptoms as soon as you feel them
  • Immunity on a budget

“Most helpful, inspiring and enlightening book on this subject! Brilliantly researched and written with insight and clarity in user-friendly language.”

What Reader's Are Saying

“By far the best nutrition book I have read, and I have been reading them for 30 years. Clearly, this author walks-the-walk, which is why she can provide simple and practical action steps.”
Sabina F.

“So far I have used the information on stopping a virus as soon as you start to feel something coming on, and it worked immediately to keep me well.”
Michael F.

“Most helpful, inspiring, and enlightening book on this subject! Brilliantly researched and written with insight and clarity in user-friendly language.”
Martha B.

“In my work as an emergency room RN, I can honestly say that numerous ER visits could be avoided if people followed Marie’s 3 phases of immune support and learned how to care for their families using her kitchen pharmacy recommendations.”
Theresa R.  

“Optimize Your Immune System can be kept in the kitchen as a reference guide and gives hope and encouragement to readers while guiding them to take preventive measures. Her writing style is neat, simple, and elegant, and she makes it easy for readers to understand complex information.  An insightful and engaging book about the crucial function of the immune system, very helpful when it comes to maintaining health. The book is a handy guide to transform a corner of the pantry into a kitchen pharmacy, stocked with healing foods and supplements that will give immune-boosting solutions when required.” 
Mamta M. for Readers’ Favorite

“As a teacher, I am exposed to everything that is going around.  I have been following the author for years and her simple method to prevent infections is spot on!” 
Augusta L.

“I wish this well researched information was on the news so everyone would know that they can take very safe and simple measures to protect their health.” 
Paul J.

“I love the product recommendations for foods, superfoods, teas, supplements, sweeteners, spices, and kitchen equipment.  This is an immense time saver, and the author has very strict guidelines for vetting only the best products.”
Lana V.

“Inside these pages you will find years of research presented in simple action steps that you can start at your next meal.”
Marie C.

“Written by someone who really understands food prep and kitchen hacks, what I love most about this book is just how do-able it is.” 
Audrey H.

“This book will give you hope. Well worth reading! I am giving it as a holiday gift to those I care about.”
Dee J.

“Packed full with no nonsense, down to earth nutritional information
Regina F.

“I would have given this book more than 5 stars!”
Jasmine R.

“It’s all about activating your body’s defense system to work harder and stop the infection in its tracks. The author is clearly an evidence-based authority on the subject, (she) presents a great outline with her 3 Phases of immune strengthening. Found it interesting that there are specific nutrients that directly fight viruses and prevent them from replicating. The discussion on vitamin D was fascinating: I now know exactly how much to take. I also loved the lists of immune supportive prebiotic and probiotic foods, and the list of teas for various purposes such as sleep, immune, respiratory and detoxification support. My favorite part is Immunity on a Budget, where the author has shown her concern about making sure everyone has access to the information to get ahead of a virus.”
Peggy T.

“I now feel empowered to care for myself and my family, knowing there is so much I can do right here at home.” Ariel L.

“The author explains her three phases of strengthening immunity in a way that I can remember. No selling in the book – Just a collection of high-quality supplements from a variety of companies that meet her standards. I now feel fully prepared to stay well not only all winter, but all year long.” John F.

This book is an incredible resource especially now during these uncertain pandemic times. The book has helped me, and my family support our immune systems – in a way that is actually much easier and more convenient than most people would think. It’s well written, the resources are fantastic, and I can’t stop recommending it to my friends and family. I feel much more confident going into flu season and going back to work now that Marie has helped us build our own “kitchen pharmacy.”
Joshua B.