Kitchen Pharmacy Fundamentals

Practical handbooks to conquer everyday wellness challenges.

Optimize Your Immune System

Create Health & Resilience with a Kitchen Pharmacy

“Holy grail guide to an easy and affordable path to a stronger immune system.”

Build a kitchen pharmacy of natural, whole food remedies against viral pathogens and chronic disease! 

Most people think it’s “normal” to get sick — even just 2-3 times per year. But, research shows we can derail a virus before it takes hold. 

Know exactly what to do to immediately stop seasonal cold, flu, fatigue and miserable sick symptoms. 

This roadmap revolutionizes how to rapidly reinforce your immune defense. It includes:

  • 6 critical nutrients to strengthen immune resilience
  • What to eat to reduce infection risk
  • “Natural antibiotic” foods
  • How to stop symptoms as soon as you feel them
  • Immunity on a budget

“Most helpful, inspiring and enlightening book on this subject! Brilliantly researched and written with insight and clarity in user-friendly language.”

Whole Foods Quick-Start Guide With Tracker

Nutrition information can be confusing.  And making changes gets complicated. Looking for a super easy way to make healthy meals, snacks, and deserts?

Transition to a Whole Foods’ Lifestyle with Ease

Everything to Know About Nutrition in 9 Pages Plus a Super Simple Tracker

The simple tracker makes it fun to work at your own pace, acknowledging each success.

“It’s totally adaptable to your lifestyle and food preferences.”

 – Gina M.

What People Are Saying:

“My arthritis aches disappeared after just three weeks of following this!”
Marie T.

“This guide instantly cleared up all the confusion I had about making healthy choices.”
Dawn F.

“I’ve tried so many approaches to integrate healthy foods into my diet. The tracking form in this guide is a game changer!”
Online review

Goodbye to my erratic blood sugars. Tracking my changes for 1 month and am experiencing results that I have been working on for years.! This guide is genius.”
Online review

The simple directions with the “baby steps” guidance and the tracker have removed all the confusion and helped me to overhaul my diet with ease. As an educator, I truly appreciate the concise simplicity along with the ability to track, monitor, and tweak. We are using it at my school’s teacher’s lunchroom to create a team effort with peer support.”
Filomena A.

“It was impossible for me to make realistic and sustainable changes, until I discovered this simple guide with a way to keep track of my progress. Very encouraging and rewarding to check off those boxes.”
Veronica L.

“I’ve been working to improve my diet for years. My search for the perfect guide is over; all the science-based information is here in 9 pages. Author truly drills down the research into action steps that I can easily use at every meal and snack. This author must truly walk-the-walk.”
Catherine S.

Winter Wellness with Essential Oils

Young Living Edition

“I was so skeptical of these oils. With Marie’s guidance, I was surprised to discover that this stuff really works!” – Julie M.

FREE eBook

Take control of your everyday winter wellness challenges! Find quick relief right at home with an inventory of natural solutions.

Instantly shut down minor discomforts so you keep up with your busy schedule.

Start building your collection of therapeutic essential oils, oil-infused cough drops, creams, roll-ons and hand sanitizer as your first line of defense.

Always have safe wellness solutions on hand that you can use with confidence. This handy reference gives you convenient and effective ways to manage common winter challenges: 

  • Sinus & respiratory support
  • Sore throat relief
  • Soothing joints & muscles
  • Supporting more restful, deep sleep
  • Stomach upset solutions
  • Immune support
  • Energy enhancement
  • Restlessness & nervous tension management
Winter Wellness with Essential Oils Young Living Edition by Marie Ruggles

Coming Soon!

“I haven’t had healthy winters in years. After attending Marie’s Winter Wellness workshop 6 years ago I’m
in control of my health. This guide has the simple steps for staying healthy no matter what is going around.” – Sophia L.


“I have been a natural wellness mom for years but didn’t know about essential oils. Using this guide, I developed a home inventory of effective options for keeping my family healthy during the school year –
sniffles, tummy troubles, soothing sore throats, healthy sinuses, lungs, ears, joints, and overall immune protection and PREVENTION.” – Rose A.

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