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Build a home inventory of superfoods and chemical-free remedies that are safe, effective and evidence-based. Be your own home healer with my expert tips, recommendations and practical guidance.

Marie Ruggles, RD, CN, CDE
Clinical Nutritionist
Certified Diabetes Educator
Essential Oil Safety Certified

Kitchen Pharmacy Books

Clear steps to boost immunity, nourish your cells and resist chronic disease. I’m an award-winning author and clinical nutritionist with 40+ years in wellness research.

Whole Foods
Quick Start Guide

Practical whole food eating guide that’s just like having a nutritionist in your kitchen!

Natural Products
Marie Loves

Nutrient-packed foods, handy kitchen equipment, supplements and other green, chemical-free lifestyle products.

Safe & Effective
Essential Oils

Natural solutions for everyday concerns like sleep trouble, achy joints, low energy, skincare, calming nerves, immune support and more.

Take Control of Your Family’s Health

I’m Marie, clinical nutritionist with decades of experience in health research. I’ve helped thousands of people manage everyday wellness challenges, including my own family. 

I value safe, non-chemical products, but they need to be effective. My desire for powerful, natural healing prompted years of research so I could help others take control of their health.

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