Foods and Superfoods

These healthy, nutrient-dense foods go perfectly with a whole foods diet. Plus, they’re delicious and convenient!

Foods & Superfoods

Find preservative-free, anti-inflammatory foods that fight chronic disease and help you age gracefully. Experiment with new ingredients, robust flavor, and add antioxidant power to your everyday diet.   

Explore below and check out my Whole Foods Quick Start Guide & Tracker to start cooking healthy, flavorful meals tonight.

4th and heart ghee
4th & Heart –
Grass-fed Ghee
Ancient Harvest garden Pagodas

Ancient Harvest – Pagodas (gluten-free pasta)

annie chun's pad thai

Annie Chun’s – Pad Thai Brown Rice Noodles

red mill gluten free flour

Bob’s Red Mill – 1 to 1 Baking Flour (gluten-free)

red mill quinoa

Bob’s Red Mill – Organic White Quinoa

red mill steel cut oats

Bob’s Red Mill – Steel Cut Oats 

biotta beet juice

Biotta – 
Beetroot Juice

california olive ranch olive oil extra virgin

California Olive Ranch – 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

casina rossa truffle and salt

Casina Rossa Truffle and Salt – Gourmet Sea Salt

food alive nutritional yeast

Foods Alive – Nutritional Yeast

guittard bittersweet chocolate

Guittard – Organic 74% Chocolate Baking Wafers

kettle and fire bone broth

Kettle & Fire –
Bone Broth

King Oscar Mackerel in Olive Oil Royal Fillets

King Oscar – Skinless & Boneless Sardines

Lotus Foods Gourmet Organic Volcano Rice

Lotus Foods – Organic Volcanic Rice, all varieties

lundberg short brown organic sprouted rice

Lundberg – Sprouted Short Brown Rice

lundberg thin stackers red rice and quinoa

Lundberg –
Thin Stackers

mount hagen instant coffee

Mount Hagan – Instant Coffee

nadamoo birthday cake cookie dough ice cream

Nada Moo – Dairy Free Frozen Desert any flavor

napa valley naturals organic olive oil

Napa Valley Naturals – Org Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Natura Health Products Beyond Whey

Natura Health Products – Whey Protein Concentrate

qi'a creamy coconut oatmeal

Nature’s Path – Qi’a
Gluten-Free Oatmeal

too good organic raisins currants

Shiloh Farms – Zante Currants

Organic Golden Millet Miso by South River Miso

South River – Miso, all varieties

nutra sprout sprouted ground flax

Sprout Revolution – Sprouted Ground Flax

The Mountain Valley Spring Water

The Mountain Valley – Spring Water

Wild planet wild sardines

Wild Planet – Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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