Shopping for Healthy Meals on a Budget

Do you find that eating healthy can be expensive? Fortunately there a 2 great options for low cost healthy, non-GMO, organic foods. I have discovered that enjoying deep discounts also comes with the added bonus of home delivery. And the best part: there are now delicious options that can help you get tasty meals on the table in less time than ever before. I will be sharing one of my favorite products every week on this blog. In the meantime, I don’t want you to miss these opportunities to eat more nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory, whole organic foods, so you can be can avoid brain drain, have more energy and age gracefully. Fueling your body with healthy foods also helps with mood!

Thrive Market is my top online health food store with 25-50% off all items. They have carry mostly non-perishables such as Kettle & Fire Bone Broth (a favorite!), but have recently introduced some perishable items such as grass-fed wagyu beef. In addition to their ongoing generous discount, you will receive a free gift (up to $24 in value) if you become a member for $9.95/month or $59.99/yr. The average member earns back the cost of membership in savings after 2 shopping trips. AND…they always feature special deals for over-the-top savings.

Thrive Market offers free shipping for orders over $49, which is very easy to do with the discounts on butter flavored coconut oil (Nutiva), Hippeas (not a “health food” per se, but when you-re craving that salty/crunch snack..), organic garbanzo beans (Eden), 1 to 1 baking flour (Bob’s Red Mill), jarred organic crushed tomatoes (Jovial), bully sticks for the dog (Free Ranger), and monk fruit sweeteners (Lakanto or Thrive).

Get started today and remember to check out their “Deals” link.

Misfits Market is my second favorite way to get deeply discounted fresh produce. By securing fruits and vegetables that would have been tossed because they are not perfect, Misfits Market is able to offer up to a 40% discount for delicious produce. One of their slogans is “Always Fresh. Sometimes Normal.” I love the feeling of rescuing mangoes that are more round than oval – they still have the same great flavor, and I’ve prevent food waste.

They have a very flexible plan with two box sizes and you can customize your box, choose how often to receive a delivery, and put your box on hold anytime (or donate it to a food pantry).

What do I love most about this box of fresh goodness? They have fruits and vegetables that are not available at my grocery store. I get SO BORED with the same seven or so vegetables at my grocer. Think about it. How much variety is there in your vegetable choices? Expanding your vegetable choices is one of the best ways to enjoy eating more veggies while fortifying your microbiome with a diverse supply of probiotics – the seat of your immune system. Learn more about that in Probiotics and Immunity.

Misfits Market delivers normal and slightly imperfect produce. The imperfections are minor. Honestly, some of the over-priced produce from my local grocery store is not perfect either. They also offer “flash sales” for non-perishable add-ons at the lowest prices I have seen for non-dairy milks, Bob’s Red Mill, and organic olive oils. I feel like a kid in a toy store as I’m scanning this list for healthy add-ons to complete my box.

For 25% off your first Misfits Market order use my code at checkout: COOKWME-CS4QFO To order go to: Grab this deeply discounted trial offer, then decide if Misfits are right for you and your family after sampling your first box.

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